Summer Camp 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Summer Camp 2

Having been awaked in the middle of the night not by a bodily function of my own but of my bunk mates I eagerly awaited his return. All day a ran the nights events as best my memory would serve. Clearly the cabin was cold and shivering I feel asleep, exausted by the days activities. I only briefly remember the shy boy who slept across from me pleading to share body heat in the middle of the night with a promise of his extra blanket. I was only to happy when he climbed in to my small bunk and cuddled up close, the extra blanket a welcome bonus.

Warmed and feeling strangly comforted I fell deeply asleep. I now realize the warm fuzzy feeling all over my body was his hands exploring my small body. I wore a sweat shirt and thick sweat pants, no underwaer as I never wore them to bed at home. His hands were gently rubbing my penis now and I was getting hard, dreaming of an interlude with a stranger. His hand moved to my backside and he materfully removed my loose pants enough to slide his finger up and down my crack, I moaned in my sleep, still deep in my dreamstate. 

Encouraged, he easily slipped a finger into my /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole aided by the warmth we both were generating an the lack of air flow. We were definately generating some serious heat as he slipped a second finger into me, my cheeks now a bit sweaty with the sexual effects of his probing. Continuing to stroke my penis with his other hand he moved to my nipples and caressed them until the became very small and hard. Thats when the pressure between my legs became much more intense and I began to wake up. My friendly bunkmate had postioned his rigid boyhood where his fingers were and as they retreated his erectness took thier place. Now I was coming around, confused and in a bit of pain but at the same time enjoying this new sensation. I felt him push firmly more and more of himself deeper into my small opening. 

He went slow and soon I began to enjoy his movements as he would move deeply then retreat a bit then back in old waman xxxgx even deeper. We were very warm now and his hand was bokep sma pecah perawan running up and down my semi naked body. He began increasing his in and out pushing and now, upon reflection, I realise to my facination he was having sex with me. Unfortunately it did not last long but the feeling of his now hot body against mine and his hot breath in my ear was amazing. Suddenly, his body went tight and I felt warmth deep inside as he gasped and relased more inside me, he was having an orgasm and his boiling seed was spilling into my bottom and out. 

His pistoning slowed and I did not hurt at all anymore, feeling him easily slide in and out of me!. He hugged me and soon feel fast asleep as I felt him grow soft as pools of fluid leaked out of me into his lap.

I am now waiting for him, he was in a different group today and they had a long hike. After a great meal, he will bath and if I'm lucky it will be cold again tonight and I will not be asleep this time.