What a month apart can cause

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What a month apart can cause
It was a nice night along the waterfront. The sky was full of stars despite the illuminous atmosphere of the city's nightlife. The moon was bigger that night than normal, and seemed to be smiling down at the couple. They had been walking along the riverside enjoying each other's company. Dani, a long-stemmed beauty, with flowing red hair that shimmered in the moonlight like bright burning embers of a fire was enjoying her evening with her boyfriend Jason. He was 5, 10' with dark hair and had a boyish look to him, but there was something about him that had attracted Danielle to him. He had starting falling for her the /first-time/">first time they met. Jason was still in awe at the beauty he had started seeing 16 monthes ago, andcouldn't help but pause mid-sentence as he noticed Dani's pert nipples upon her well-shaped breasts trying to show through her white blouse. She was wearing a bra, but the wind had heightened her sense as a quick chill rushed across the river for a brief moment. Jason continued talking as he thought of how he hadn't seen her naked in almost a month. He knew tonight, they would go back to his place and make love, but this sparked a whole new perspective on where he hoped the night would lead. It started getting a little late, so they decided to take a taxi back to his house.

When they sat down in the back, her skirt had started to move up her creamy, white thighs. This would normally cause her to adjust her skirt a bit, but she could see the look in his eye was full of dreams and fantasies at that very moment as his eyes kept flowing up and down her body. The moment was driving Jason wild and he couldn't do much to hide the growing bulge extending along his pant leg. Dani noticed this, turned towards him, and propped one leg upon the other allowing him to see further up her legs, but not enough to see what he was aching to touch, smell, and taste. She leaned forward allowing him to see her cleavage which she so proudly flaunted in front of him as she went to whisper softly so the cabdriver couldn't hear her. She placed her hand along his thigh with her thumb lightly grazing the head of his cock and rubbed it back and forth gently as she told him "I've got nothing on underneath this skirt", giggled, and then sat back, repositioned her legs forward again, fixed her skirt, and closed her legs like nothing happened. Jason bit his lip blowjob porn videos in excitement of what the night had in store for him. The thought of it was almost enough to make him cum right then and there. He took a deep breath to relax himself and took her hand in his and squeezed it three times as if saying "I love you" in a language only him and her knew. They sat back there quietly the remainder of the /trip/">trip in anticipation. Jason was now harder than he could remember ever being, and Danielle sporting an unbreakable grin could feel the juices building up inside as it slowly leaked out of her. She could feel the juices running down her legs and this only excited her more. The steady wind coming through the window as the cab cruised along the highway increased that hot craving between her legs. She had been longing for him to fill her void ever since they had last seen each other. And tonight, all of that would disappear and be replaced by a romantic form of inebriation. She needed release, and she would do everything in her power to ensure neither of them had any energy left at the end of the night.

The cab dropped them off at his house, he paid the fare and tipped the cabbie a generous amount of money due to his unusual extremely jovial mood. He grabbed Dani by the waist and pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss. He made sure to not allow any tongue this time despite the growing urge to suck hers into his mouth. They made it to the front door briskly and he fumbled with his keys as he unlocked the door. They got inside, anddidn't manage to shut the door all the way. Before he knew it, his shirt was off, and she was already down to her bra and skirt. He lifted her up and carried her up the stairs to lay her on his bed. As he layed her down, almost tossing her lightly in an animalistic, yet playful manner, he pulled his pants down and was in just his boxers. He positioned himself on top of her and began to kiss her neck, slowly nibbling his way down to her breasts. The bra was ready to bust apart as Dani's breasts were heaving with an approaching orgasm already underway, and hehadn't even done that much he thought. He knew tonight was gonna last a long time and both would end up spent. He unsnapped her bra and quickly sucked one nipple into his mouth as his hand caressed and kneaded her other one. A small breeze whisked by and her nipples were so hard, they must have stood a good 1/4 inch above her perky breasts. His mouth had made its way to her bully button where he kissed her while his hands slowly moved the top of the skirt upwards. He wanted a taste andwasn't going to waste the time on taking off her skirt. It was a short enough skirt that itwasn't interfering in his plans. He moved his head along the back of her knee and started to suck and kiss it perfusely, right on some pressure points. This increased the blood flow in her so much her body rose as if her pussy was begging to be touched. He moved his left hand down her leg and ran it through her short pubic hair as if he was toying with her senses. Every stroke down with his hand was met with a small thrust upward by her pelvis. He finally let his fingers run down the crack of her inner lips and this was enough to cause her to moan erotically. He knew hecouldn't last much longer withholding himself like this either and kissed his way up her thighs slowly as he let 2 fingers find their way into her extremely /hole/wet-hole/">wet hole. His mouth found her clitoris and he quickly pulled it in beyond his teeth, his tongue flicking it speedily and when she was ready to peek, milf porn videos he gave it a nice flat smack with thebottom side of his tongue. This new feeling was so intense it pushed her over the edge and she came on his face. He licked up as much of the juices as he could and made his way back up to her lips. She could taste her juices on his tongue and this drove her insane.

She needed a break and knew just how to do it. She rolled him over, knowing she couldn'ttake penetration just yet; she was still too sensitive from her high. She didnt tease him as much as he did to her, but she flicked each of his /nipples/small-nipples/">small nipples as she made her way south. Jason knew that even if he wanted to skip this part and go straight to sex, there was no way of stopping her; she was determined to get a full taste of him. As she got to his boxers, he lifted his butt up enough to aid her in taking them off...she kissed the head of his cock and ran her long tongue around the crown. Then all of a sudden, she just plunged down and took as much as she could into her tiny mouth. He could feel the tip of his cock running along the back of her throat adding to the satisfaction. Shedidn't let this gag her like she expected after realizing how much she had just engulfed. It was much more than normal. She bobbed up and down with reckless abandon and the saliva was flowing down the shaft and coating his balls. She took them in her hand and started rolling them around gently in her palm. This was enough to make them tighten. Her sensing he was about to blow his load stopped and asked him "Should I continue with this appetizer or would you like to move straight to your dessert?" He somehow managed to make a sound of "ummmmmm.....dessert?!" after receiving the /blow/best-blow/">best blow job any woman had ever given to a man before.

She quickly placed her sopping wet hole above his rigid cock and as soon as she felt the tip was tucked safely inside, she let all her weight collapse onto him...This sent a huge shockwave through both of their bodies. Her tight walls were squeezing his shaft trying to milk them as she felt him deeper than she knew she could ever feel. She regained her composure and re-created that moment over and over again as he stared lustfully into her eyes. One hand on her right asscheek helping her and the other trying to reach her nipple, but being driven back with each quick plunge downward, her ass slamming into his thighs. Neither of them could keep this pace much longer and she was about to orgasm, merely 30 seconds after enveloping his penis with her precious cunt. One more thrust was all it took and she exploded everything she had left onto his cock. This was much more than he could handle and he quickly let go of every last drop of cum with spurt after spurt after spurt shooting deeply into her. She collapsed upon him, keeping his softening dick inside her, relishing in the moment. Neither said anything as he held her head close to his heart and ran one hand through her hair. Both were satisfied, and ready for bed.

First they needed a shower however, but that is another story for another time...