The Blushing Bride

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The Blushing Bride

As we walked into the club my mate Kev pointed out a group of old workmates. He introduced me to them one by one, and they were nice people.
But then he introduces me to Christina. There was no doubt there was an instant spark between us and as the night went on indian santali xvideo it was clear we fancied the pants off each other.
I gave Kev a lift home, and Christinas was my next stop.

"Stop at the top of the road" she asked.
She explained how she would /fucking/fuck-love/love-to-fuck/">love to fuck me but she was engaged, and her fiance was in the house. I suggested we go off somewhere but she wouldnt, "I cant do that, its not right....but"
She leant over and kissed me, her lips were soft and warm and I felt her hand on my leg. It slid up and stopped on my cock. She fondled my balls and then started to undo my belt. She pulled my fly open and slid her hand into my pants, gently squeezing my cock before pulling it out.

She started wanking me slowly, And I would have been happy with that. But she bent over and took me in her mouth, sucking me hard, her head bobbing up and down. She just kept going, and she was good. I thought of her fiance and how lucky he was to be marrying such a /sexy/sexy-girl/">sexy girl and wished it could be me. She was taking my dick deep in her mouth and slipping her warm soft lips up and down, and she never stopped. She was so damn good that I soon came, flooding her mouth with hot sticky cum and she sucked up every last drop.
I never took her number and didnt see which house she went to so when Kev passed on a wedding invite from her to me, I was rather surprised.

Christinas was a big hotel wedding and she looked utterly /gorgeous/">gorgeous. I watched her with her new husband and thought again how lucky he was.

Later in the evening I bumped into her alone, outside. It was a polite conversation and people passed by us without a clue of our history together. It wasnt even mentioned but then she said "Upstairs. I want you upstairs now"
When no-one was around she grabbed me and dragged me inside, and up the stairs to the Bridal Suite. Inside she shoved me on the bed and quite literally ripped my trousers down. She wasted no time getting my cock out and her lips around it. It was all so sudden I wasnt even hard but that soon changed as she sucked on it. Once more she was good and I looked forward to filling her mouth.
But she stood up, and pulled her wedding dress up and got on the bed, on top of me.
"I wanted to fuck you so much last time, and he was so miserable to me when I got in, I wish I had"
"But on your wedding day...?"
"Hes been a cunt to me for ages, this is a farce but my mums paid so much I couldnt let her down"

I looked at her professionally applied make up and carefully styled hair with pretty little flowers in as she guided my stiff prick into her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. I felt Christinas expensive wedding night knickers against my cock as I slid into her. She rode my cock pushing deep into her, and then almost letting it come out completely, just /tickling/">tickling her clit before plunging it in, again and again. I ran my hands up her white stockings, past her white suspenders, onto her smooth thighs before squeezing her lovely round ass. She shuddered as I pulled myself deep into her.
But I didnt want her to fuck me now, I wanted to fuck her. I pushed her off to the side and got on top, shoving her dress out of the way. I pushed my cock back into her and she moaned. I fucked her gently and slowly sped up. She wrapped her legs around my back and I felt the heels of her shoes dig in.

"I should have fucked you before" she said, "Your cock is amazing and you are so much a better fuck then...aaaahhh....."
I pushed hard into her and kept pounding her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. I nuzzled her neck and kissed her with passion. She had her hand on the back of my neck and pulled my face into her cleavage. She smelt glorious, clean and lightly perfumed.
I felt her body start to tense and her fingers dug into my neck. Her panting getting louder and quicker and then.......
"Oh my, oh my, oh my.....Fucking hell....Ahhhhhhh...fuck fuck fuck...ooooohhhhaaah......."

She had come hard and I slowed down as she relaxed. But she lay here, beaming, her face full of contentment. "Come on then, its your turn"
I selfishly fucked her, not thinking of her enjoyment, but only mine. She was looking right into my eyes and she was loving it, "Come on fill me, you want to pump your cum into me"
As I felt it coming her face lit up and then I came. It released like the champagne corks earlier in the day and I could feel it flowing into her, filling her wet warm pussy.
We lay for a few minutes afterwards, hot, breathless and fulfilled.
"Congratulations" she said.
"On being the first to fuck the new bride"
"You havent done it with your husband yet?"
"Nope, tonight when he fumbles his drunken way in, I can lay back and think of you and how fucking good you were. Should help me through it"

We got up and I went to the bathroom to straighten up. I came back out and she had tidied the bed.
She walked me to the door and kissed me with such passion I wanted to do it all over again.
"Im going to freshen up and ill be back down"
I looked back as I left, her happy face watching me leave and she shut the door.
I alain lyle porn got a drink from the bar and went outside, pondering over what had just happened.

Kev came up, "Where the fuck have you been, come on, theyre going to have the first dance, cant miss that"
We went back in where Christina and her new husband had wrapped their arms around each other as the moved slowly on the dance floor.
"Never seen such a happy bride" announced the DJ.
From behind me an old dear muttered, "Happy? Look at her face, her minds somewhere else"
"Probably with someone else" another replied.
And I just smiled to myself. What else could I do?