Lustfull friend

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Lustfull friend

Hi All
This is steve,I married my gf suchi. i was 30 when I had a best moments with my friend

Once I finished white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie my studies immidetaly I got a job and settled in banglore. After 2 years I got my friend chris in contact, and to my /surprise/">surprise he also working in banglore at that moment.  I met chris in the weekend. He got married to my friend marry. she is gorgious and of same age 29. Both Chris and Marry works in Same office. Almost every weekend we use to have /party/">party together.  some times at their house,  n some times at my home. Like that we had a good time friendly with out any sexual intension for 2 years.  After that one of our mutual friend john got in contact in banglore. And we all together begin to enjoy the life. Chris and Marry use to fight each other always.  me and john always go n compromise them every time.  So Marry begin to hate chris day by day.  Forcefully they living together for the society sake. 

After six month even john got married to cathy who is 28 and she also very buetifull than marry. 

One Friday john invited all of us for a small party at 6pm at his home,  Me and my wife came at 5pm and Chris also came directly from office to johns house. On that day Marry stayed at their home.  She had take leave on that day.  Once chris came alone from office john asked chris to bring even her wife marry.  But chris was not intrested to go for marry.  He requested me to go and brIng her.

So I started at 5:30 to chris home to bring marry.

I Reached at 5:45pm and knocked the door. Marry was in Night pants and short t-shirt. She was looking soo /cute/">cute in that dress. We went in and I complimented her that she looks good in this dress Casually.

She smiled and slept on Sofa. I Sat on beside chair and asked her to get ready for johns party.  She said that she is not intrested now and she asked me to sit and talk to her for some time.  as her mood was not good.  So we begin to talk each other and she begin to share all her personals how the chris is irreponsible to her.  While we were talking she was slept on one sided in sofa facing toward me.
As her t-shirt is short her voluptuous boobs are flushing out

She have around 38D size of boobs. I never noticed her sexually erlier so didnt estimated her size. Once I had seen that fleshy boobs through her t-shirt my dick begin to raise in stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv my pant. She was moving and talking to me.  I am pretending that I am listening but my eyes are on her fleshy boobs.  She noticed me and woke up from the bed and sat normally.  I realized that I am doing wrong and I said I am sorry.

She didnt said any thing kept quit for 5 mints.  To break that silence I asked her for a tea.  Then she walked in to kitchen to make a tea.  While she was going in to kitchen,  I had seen her ass through her tight pant.  WOW I begin to think more wild and my dick was almost 90 degree. I kept my leg on other to cover that bulg. She asked me to get the milk from the fridge. Then I took the milk packet and went in to kitchen. At that time she was standing on her tose to catch the sugar on top.  I got more aroused to see her navel.  I Kept the milk and went to bathroom.  I mastrubated and came out.  Once I am back she gave me tea.  I had tea and I left for the party

Now my mind was completely dirty.  Once I reached john home it became 9pm.  Once they asked for marry I said she is not feeling well so she stayed back. We all decide to stay at johns house that night. So before begin the party all of us got frshed up and changed our cloths in to night wears.  John offerd me his tshirt n pyzama. And Cathy offerd to My wife.